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industrial casters factory:What are the potential safety hazards of rotating office chairs

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industrial casters  factory:What are the potential safety hazards of rotating office chairs


In recent years, with the rapid development of society, many people choose to start their own businesses, and the use of office furniture is becoming more and more frequent. This has also led to many small workshops and manufacturers entering the industry one after another, resulting in industry chaos. Some unqualified products have also been sent to the market, resulting in various potential safety hazards, especially the explosion of rotating office chairs in recent years, Some small partners may have heard of it for a long time, but there are still many small partners who are not very clear. Today, let's talk about the potential safety hazards of rotating office chairs and how to avoid them?

Potential safety hazards of office chair:

1. Excessive rotation

The office chair was originally used as a chair for office use. Many small partners will turn and play in their spare time. Long-term rotation will lead to the friction and heat of the office chair. If it is a poor office chair, it is likely to have problems. This is like a mobile phone. If you keep the mobile phone running at high speed for a long time, it will lead to the failure of the mobile phone. The same is true for the office chair compared with the mobile phone. If the office chair runs at high speed for a long time, if the office chair is of poor quality, It's also normal to have problems.

2. Long term strong back

I believe that many friends will have the habit of leaning slowly on the office chair after completing some work. When some people are leaning, the whole body weight is basically completely hung on the backrest. For a long time, this will lead to the imbalance of the center of gravity of the office chair. Finally, when leaning back, the center of gravity of the office chair will fall to the ground unsteadily. Therefore, in our daily life, try not to lean back too hard.

3. Buy office chairs from large manufacturers

Large manufacturers have a much stronger background and are guaranteed in the materials used. Both the quality of office chairs and after-sales service are guaranteed. Many small manufacturers are relatively unreliable. After we buy office chairs, we may not even have the contact information of each manufacturer, and the after-sales service does not know who to look for. Therefore, when we buy office chairs, especially when we purchase in large quantities, You must find a big manufacturer.



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